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Climate Change Mitigation

Multiple Benefits

Multiple Benefits of Emission Reduction

Officials responsible for a nation’s economy increasingly want to know if there are investments and efforts that can advance urgent development priorities like air quality and, at the same time address the challenges of our rapidly warming world.







“The Climate Change-Energy Access Nexus”

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"Climate-Smart Development"

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“Air Pollution and Climate Change: from Co-Benefits to Coherent Policies”

Link forthcoming 2022

Climate Change & Health

Climate Change & Health

Climate Change is a risk multiplier that threatens to unravel decades of development gains. Among the most critical and direct risks to humans is the impact of climate change on health.

CCandHH-action plan_edited_edited.png

“Climate Change and Health: Approach and Action Plan”

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"Air Pollution-related Health and Climate Benefits of Clean Cookstove Programs in Mozambique"

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Short-Lived Climate Pollutants 

Apart from the potential global benefit of changing the trajectory of surface warming, addressing SLCPs offers several tangible local benefits.

"Sources of Black Carbon Deposition to the Himalayan Glaciers in Current and Future Climates"
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“Integration of short-lived climate pollutants in World Bank activities”

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“Glaciers of the Himalayas: Climate Change, Black Carbon, and Regional Resilience”
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“On Thin Ice: How Cutting Pollution Can Slow Warming and Save Lives”

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“Short-lived Climate Pollutants & USAID’s Climate Strategy: Achieving Fast Mitigation”

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“Black Carbon Finance Study Group Report 2015”

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