Air Quality Management


Decision Support Tools

A key element of successful implementation of AQM plans requires that decision makers have access to the best data in a form that is accessible for all stakeholders affected by potential control programs.  Orbis Air has contributed to the analyses linked here which strive to demonstrate the multiple benefits of emissions reductions so that all stakeholders can see ‘what’s in it for them’ and enable officials to justify programs based on a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis.

Applying the Multi-Pollutant Policy Analysis Framework to New York
Maryland's Plan to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Building Momentum for Integrated Multipollutant Planning

AQM Planning

Air quality management includes several linked and sequenced steps, including monitoring, inventory development, source attribution, decision support, stakeholder engagement and regulatory design. Here are examples of how all these elements come together to help cities manage the air they breathe.


E-Learning Curricula

Training is critical to build capacity for AQM planning and e-learning tools provide access to the best information to everyone with access to the internet.

Introduction to Air Quality Management