Air Quality Management


Decision Support Tools

A key element of successful implementation of AQM plans requires that decision makers have access to the best data in a form that is accessible for all stakeholders affected by potential control programs.  Orbis Air has contributed to analyses below which strive to demonstrate the multiple benefits of emissions reductions so that all stakeholders can see ‘what’s in it for them’ and enable officials to justify programs based on a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis.


"Sources of ambient PM2.5 exposure in global cities"

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NY Multi-P.png

Applying the Multi-Pollutant Policy Analysis Framework to New York: An Integrated Approach to Future Air Quality Planning 

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"Enhanced Integration of Health, Climate, and Air Quality Management Planning at the Urban Scale"

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MDE GHG Plan.png

Maryland's Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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"Pathways Air Quality"

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E&M Northeast Multi-P.png

"Building Momentum for Integrated Multipollutant Planning. Northeast States' Perspective"

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AQM Planning

Air quality management includes several linked and sequenced steps, including monitoring, inventory development, source attribution, decision support, stakeholder engagement and regulatory design. Below are examples of how all these elements come together to help cities manage the air they breathe. 


"Strengthening Air Quality Management in Accra, Ghana"

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"Ghana: Country Environmental Analysis"

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Satellite reliable.png

“Getting Down to Earth: Are Satellites Reliable for Measuring Air Pollutants That Cause Mortality in Low- and Middle-Income Countries?”

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"Actions on Air Quality. A Global Summary of Policies and Programmes to Reduce Air Pollution"

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“Opportunities and challenges for filling the air quality data gap in low- and middle-income countries"

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"Actions on Air Quality in North America. Canadian and US Policies and Programmes to Reduce Air Pollution" 

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"Evaluating the use of satellite observations to supplement ground-level air quality data in selected cities in low- and middle-income countries"

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AQM Guidance​

Training is critical to build capacity for AQM planning and e-learning tools provide access to the best information for everyone with access to the internet. Orbis Air has contributed to training modules and guidance needs assessments.

“e-Learning Course: Introduction to Air Quality Management”

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“Improving AQM Guidance for Scale and Impact: A Needs Assessment”

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All publications can be accessed through the links above or on our Publications Page (under development).