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Orbis Air

Lifting the veil of global pollution

Orbis Air, an independent consultancy founded in 2010, aims to demonstrate the synergistic benefits of addressing local air quality and global climate change simultaneously.

Founder and principal, Gary Kleiman has more than two decades of experience developing methodologies, tools and curricula to demonstrate the multiple benefits (including public health, agriculture, energy, environment, economic and other social benefits) of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), short-lived climate pollutant (SLCPs) and traditional air pollution simultaneously. This work has included the development of decision support tools and online e-learning materials related to several aspects of air quality management (AQM). Orbis Air is also supporting the World Bank in the practical application of AQM planning through pilots in Accra, Ghana and Johannesburg, South Africa.  Orbis Air helped develop a World Bank-wide approach to climate change and human health and Orbis Air analyses have resulted in several reports that explore the role of SLCP emission reductions in improving air quality and climate mitigation.


In earlier work, Orbis Air supported NESCAUM to develop and incorporate a variety of complementary models into an integrated assessment framework for examining the environmental, public health and economic consequences of various air quality policy options. This work also focused on demonstrating the multiple benefits of reducing GHGs and air pollution simultaneously. 


Orbis Air specializes in engaging with, and making information accessible to, a wide variety of stakeholders ranging from government specialists to general audiences.

Orbis Air In Action

See Gary Kleiman launch "The Case for Action Against Black Carbon" at COP28 and participate in a panel discussion on North American air quality at the Third Annual UN International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies. 


Orbis Air provides customized analytical and operations support relating to air quality and climate mitigation programs for local, national and international governments and non-profit organizations. Orbis Air also provides strategic advice on research studies to design projects for optimal benefits across sectors and sources.

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